I am currently an Honorary Associate at the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Sydney. I also teach casually in the Department of Classics and Ancient History on occasion. In 2017-8 I have been  teaching undergraduate courses on Shakespeare in rehearsal and performance; commedia dell'arte and flexible performance; Brechtian dramaturgy;  performance analysis; and ancient comedy. 

From 2012 to 2017 I was employed at the National Institute of Dramatic Art, Kensington. From 2015 I held the position of  Associate Lecturer and Course Convener in Performance Practices. This involved teaching across several courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. These courses covered Western theatre history; comic, tragic and Modernist dramatic forms;  Australian film and theatre  history;  the theory and practice of artistic collaboration; the history of ideas;  art history; rhetoric theory and practice;  and numerous other subjects.

Previous teaching has included casual and part-time work at Western Sydney University and Sydney University.

If the techniques I use in lectures and tutorials can be summarised, they revolve around encouraging several generic but valuable skills in students: curiosity;  an openness to new ideas, facts and approaches; critical thinking about one’s own practice and the practices of others; a willingness to ask questions and pursue answers independently. These techniques and intentions have engendered a particular idiosyncratic teaching style: conversational, respectful of students, friendly but not over-familiar, authoritative about content but not authoritarian, honest about the gaps in my own knowledge and understanding. I strive to communicate my own enthusiasm about a diverse range of ideas, artistic styles and performance practices to students in ways that they find illustrative, demonstrative, and inspiring. 

Areas of particular teaching expertise include:

  • Classical Greek and Roman drama, theatre and performance
  • Commedia dell’Arte history, theory, and practice
  • Shakespearean dramaturgy and performance
  • Medieval theatre and performance
  • Classical, medieval and Renaissance rhetorical theory and practice
  • Australian theatre history and contemporary performance
  • Western twentieth-century theatre history
  • Performance and script analysis
  • Dramaturgy theory and practice
  • Collaborative theatre-making practice, particularly involving music
  • Intercultural/ intracultural performance-making in theory and practice

I also teach ukulele.