Shroudings is my newest musical project. I'm currently working on a debut record, due for completion some time in 2020. Songs are built around fingerpicking on various stringed instruments, and unfold in some surprising directions from there. Inevitably, I've drafted in a few friends to help with the recording and instrumentation, so calling this a "solo" undertaking would be highly misleading. I'll update this page occasionally with some works-in-progress. Meanwhile, the credits for the record look something like this:

Robin Dixon: voice, guitar, banjo, ukulele, cello, vihuela, cuatro, double bass, piano, autoharp, organ, lyrics

Phillippa Murphy-Haste: viola, clarinet, bass clarinet, wind and string arrangements

Mirabai Peart: violin, string arrangements

Jess Randall: violin, fiddle, nyckelharpa, string arrangements

Chris Browne: baritone saxophone

Dave Carr: guitar, acoustic bass guitar

Sophie Grattan-Smith: trumpet

Stu West: trumpet, flugelhorn

Ben James: drums

Alex Tolmie: voice, lyrics, vocal arrangements

Jason Tolmie: lyrics, vocal arrangements

Lydia Alexander: lyrics, moral support

Haidee Ireland, Libby Bramble, Rubaiyat Howlader, Tim Byron, Vanessa Fookes, Paul Andrews, Richard Parkin, Dave Carr, Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Betony Dircks: choir vocals

Ben Worsey at Everland Studios: recording, engineering

Tony Dupé at abandoned fireworks factory: recording, mixing, arrangements

Shroudings plays live very rarely. On these occasions, the live band has included Mirabai Peart, Peter Hollo, Kell Derrig-Hall, Phillippa Murphy-Haste, Jessica Lyons, Rubaiyat Howlader, Piers Twomey, Sonia Zadro, Libby Bramble, and Emily Edwards.